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Number Change Request

PostPosted: 07/21/2021
by Prosperious

I created a ticket as per ... 5196882635).

And got an auto reply:

Please note that we do not provide free support for FreePhoneLine , but there is an active community that provides support to fellow FreePhoneLine users for all matters from the desktop app to configuring your own ATA with the VoIP unlock key. You can check it out by visiting
We do have pay-per-incident support for FreePhoneLine , find out more by visiting

Does a new number request imply that I need to create a pay per incident request?


Re: Number Change Request

PostPosted: 07/21/2021
by Liptonbrisk
No, that’s just an automated response if you require technical support.

Did you select “number change request” for the issue type?
If so, I would wait for a response or until your ticket is closed.

Support ticket responses are delayed due to the pandemic.