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FreePhoneLine's 2-Stage Dialing System retires April 1, 2022

PostPosted: 03/31/2022
by Liptonbrisk
I wasn't even aware Freephoneline continued to offer a 2-stage dialing system after the Budphone app was discontinued.

Bolded emphasis is mine.

"Notice of Service Retirement
FreePhoneLine and Budphone's 2-Stage Dialing System is being retired On Friday, April 1st, 2022. Please note that regular FreePhoneLine service will be unaffected.

Two-stage dialing allowed you to call a 'local' number, where you would then dial your destination phone number (who you actually wanted to call). If this does not sound like you, then your service will be unaffected and you can disregard this email.

If you have further questions, please contact Fongo's support team here:


Fongo Team"