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Can I bring my Freephoneline adapter to South East Asia??

PostPosted: 07/04/2022
by maxkuku
Hello everyone,
I'm planning on bringing my Freephoneline adapter with me to Southeast Asia in countries like Cambodia/Vietnam. Will it work? Am I able to use it as I would at home and receive calls?
Anyone have knowledge, background or experience with this, please let me know. Much appreciated.

Re: Can I bring my Freephoneline adapter to South East Asia?

PostPosted: 07/04/2022
by Jake
It should work just fine, and it should also work just as if you are still here in Canada.
FPL does not block connection to their server from outside of Canada.

The only exception will be with the ISP you are connecting through. If they block the VOIP ports for some reason then you are going to have problems no matter which VOIP system you use.

Many people have taken, and sent, ATA adapters around the world with good outcomes.

Let us know how you get on!