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Freeswitch users: care to share your configs? or $paid help?

PostPosted: 03/22/2023
by rossbcan

System: freeswitch / fusionpbx
OS: openwrt x86_64
Topology: Internet <-> openwrt / firewall <-> freeswitch / fusionpbx <-> extensions in LAN

I have been struggling forever to have outgoing calls last more than 15 minutes. They always end (BYE) due to Ack Timeout. Stumped.
Submitted a bug report here (full logs, but am sure it is a config issue):

Despite willing to pay for support ticket, freephoneline support punted me here, looking for help. So;

If anyone has a working freeswitch / fusionpbx installation for freephoneline, willing to share:
external profile
internal profile


If using fusionpbx:
database dump: su - -c "/usr/bin/pg_dump -U postgres -f /tmp/fusionpbx_backup.sql fusionpbx" postgres >> /tmp/fusionpbx.log 2>&1

please do so

ideally; I would like to hire an expert (for a day / evening) to remote login (putty + port forwarding for fusionpbx GUI) to my system and help me sort this out, plus a general config review.

Please PM me for my email address if interested. Rates and credentials for experts, please

If you take a look at the logs in bug report, observations / suggestions this thread


Re: Freeswitch users: care to share your configs? or $paid h

PostPosted: 03/23/2023
by rossbcan
Should point out:
1 - Have taken all recommended steps such as disabling SIP alg and exhaustive internet searches
2 - I am an engineer with sufficient skills to work with professionals in solving this