FPL using Linksys PAP2T making outgoing calls stop working

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FPL using Linksys PAP2T making outgoing calls stop working

Postby RejPro » 03/29/2023

I've been using Freephoneline since Oct. 2020, with a Cisco Linksys PAP2T, and I never had any issue, until last week. I came back from a 3 weeks vacation and my phone stopped working. No dial done, nothing, could not receive or make calls.
I started looking at the config on my PAP2T, and I couldn't see anything, beside that the time was wrong (we had switch to daylight time while I was away). I changed the time, but that didn't help.
After some troubleshooting I've decided to reset my PAP2T back to factory, and re-apply my settings. That partially worked. I can now hear a dial tone, and I can receive calls, but I cannot make outgoing calls.
(but I can make calls using the Freephoneline desktop application).

So would someone have any idea what settings I'm missing to be able to make outgoing calls through my PAP2T?

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Re: FPL using Linksys PAP2T making outgoing calls stop worki

Postby Liptonbrisk » 03/29/2023

By the way, don't register both lines with a single VoIP unlock key. You can run into problems (not related to outgoing calls).
Always ensure the FPL desktop app is disabled when using the same VoIP unlock key account that your ATA is using.

1. Login to ATA. Choose admin and advanced menus.

2. Navigate to Line (being used for FPL) tab-->Audio Configuration-->

Use these settings:

a) Preferred Codec: G711u
b) DTMF Tx Method: Auto

3. Navigate to Line (being used for FPL) tab-->Dial Plan

a) Enter ([2345689]11|988|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|1xxxxxxxxxx|011xxxxxx.|*98)

b) Enable IP dialing: no

4. Click "save settings".

5. If you want to test whether outbound calls work, call the free 416 or 250 numbers listed at http://thetestcall.blogspot.com. Wait for voice message. Press # to end echo test.
Press 2 to enter DTMF testing. Press all digits on phone number pad. Press #. What you pressed should be read back to you.

6. If outbound calling still doesn't work, login to ATA. Navigate to Voice-->Info tab-->Line (used for FPL) Status (not the Line tab)-->Last Called Number

a) Is anything unexpected listed (wrong digit in the phone number)? Does Last Called Number show what you dialed?
i) If it doesn't show what you dialed, try another phone.
ii) If yes, login at https://www.freephoneline.ca/doGetCallLogs, select the current month, and click "submit. Is the phone number you dialed listed? If so, what is the disconnect reason?
Only phone calls that are answered, for any reason (including by FPL's voicemail system), are listed in FPL's call logs. Call duration times are rounded to the nearest minute.

In order for a call to work, first your ATA has to dial it. Then it needs to reach FPL.

7. What do you hear when you place an outbound call? What happens exactly?
Keep in mind PAP2 doesn't support rotary or pulse dialing. Check to ensure your phone didn't accidentally get switched to pulse dialing.

Your PDF configuration guide is located at viewtopic.php?f=15&t=16294&p=64346#p64346. Pay attention to what's in bold in the first post.
You can also double check settings against what's listed at viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20532.
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