Caller ID stopped working since Nov 28

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Caller ID stopped working since Nov 28

Post by ffl_10yUser »

I have Freephone line account for 10 years. It is configured in my pap2T box.

It used to be reasonably reliable. No complain..

Today I found I can not see caller id. I check the history on my cordless handset and freephone line history, I found the last caller recorded was on Nov 27.
There were other phone calls after that but not in freephone line call log.
When I forward the call to my cellphone, I can see caller's number on cell phone but not on the handset connected with ATA.

Is there anyone has the same issue recently?

Thank you.
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Re: Caller ID stopped working since Nov 28

Post by Liptonbrisk »

ffl_10yUser wrote:Hello.

Today I found I can not see caller id. I check the history on my cordless handset and freephone line history, I found the last caller recorded was on Nov 27.
When I forward the call to my cellphone, I can see caller's number on cell phone but not on the handset connected with ATA.
You won't see Caller ID appear on the phone attached to the ATA when using "Sequential" with "Always Call Forward" (Follow Me mode). When Sequential Follow Me is used in conjunction with "Always Call Forward", the first number in the list will ring first and your Freephoneline number will be skipped. When the call is answered by the first number in the list (or by its respective voicemail system), the ATA's phone will never ring. Also, if your ATA isn't registered, your phone(s) used for FreePhoneLine (FPL) can't ring. If it doesn't ring, no Caller ID (CID) info can appear.

1. a) Regardless of the Follow Me mode being used, disable Follow Me while troubleshooting. Login at Change "Status" to "Disable". Click Submit.

b) Ensure that “Rings before voicemail” is greater than one: login at

2. Login at
SIP Status needs to indicate "Connected", and SIP User Agent should reflect the ATA you're using.

3. a) Dial ****
b) Then dial 110#
c) Enter the IP address you hear into a web browser.
d) Login to your ATA.
e) Always choose the admin login and advanced view menus (select "admin" in the upper right; "advanced view" is listed below the tabs at the top).

4. Navigate to Voice-->Info tab-->Line (used for FPL) Status (this is not a tab)-->Registration State
Ensure your Line is registered.

If steps 2 and/or 4 indicate the ATA isn't registered, click viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20532, and follow the steps from that link until your ATA is registered.

5. Navigate to Voice--Regional tab-->(scroll down to) Miscellaneous-->

a) Caller ID Method should be Bellcore (N.Amer,China)
b) Caller ID fsk standard should be bell 202

Transmission of Caller ID occurs between the first and second ring.

6. Login at to confirm whether incoming calls are reaching your FPL account (they should be if incoming calls are reaching your FPL voicemail message). Select "current and previous month". Click the "SUBMIT" button. Only calls that are answered in some manner (including being answered by FPL's voicemail system) will appear in FPL's call list. Calls that aren't answered (cancelled before being answered) aren't listed. Duration is rounded to the next minute.

7. To check to see whether the most recent incoming call is reaching your ATA, login to it via its web user interface (step 3 above). Select "admin", select "advanced view", and navigate to Voice tab-->Info tab-->Line (used for FPL) Status (this is not the Line tab; you should be on the Info tab still)-->Last Caller Number. You'll see the most recent incoming call number that reached your ATA. Unfortunately, you can only see the most recent incoming caller number (not past ones).

If the most recent (incoming) caller number is listed in the ATA (Last Caller Number), then the problem isn't on FPL's end. The problem is occurring after the ATA.

You can test by calling your FPL number again and letting the phone ring several times before checking "Last Caller Number".

8. If a cordless phone is being used, it's the job of the phone base to transmit CID (caller ID) information to the handset being used. If a cordless handset is being used, I would try rebooting (or power cycling off/on) the base and ensuring the handset is close to the base when an incoming call occurs. Possibly deregistering or unpairing a handset from the base and registering it again may help.
If it's a Panasonic cordless phone, you may find some hints here: ... ess-phones (the first, bolded paragraph may help, and the rest I would be inclined to ignore).

9. Ensure the ATA is not connected to any wall jack in the dwelling. Wiring ATAs into existing phone jacks can fry ATAs if the phone company's line hasn't been disconnected at the demarc.If the ATA is damaged, it's reasonable to expect problems.

Also check to ensure that you don't have too many phones wired to the ATA. Google/search "Ringer equivalence number" (REN). If you have a lot of wired phones, just test with a single one for now.

10. Check to ensure all phone cords are properly seated.

11. Test with an incoming call again. If you're using a cordless phone, only check the handset that is connected to the phone base, which should be, in turn, wired directly to the ATA. Don't bother looking at the other handset extensions.

12. Same problem? Check for a damaged ATA phone port on back of unit.

To test,

a) disable the current line used for FPL. Navigate to Voice-->Line tab used for FPL-->
For "Line enable" select "no." And save settings.

b) Now provision the other ATA line for FPL using this guide: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=16294. If you experience a registration issue, check your settings against what's listed at viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20532.

Afterwards try the other phone port instead on the back of the ATA instead (you should be using a different ATA line now). Obviously, if that works, one of the ATA's phone ports is damaged, and it would be time for a new ATA.

Keep this in mind: when there are multiple devices/softphones/Lines (on an ATA or IP Phone) using the same FPL account, only the most recent registration is valid. The previously registered device (or ATA line) will lose registration when using the same proxy server, and, consequently, incoming calls will not ring on the previously registered device or ATA Line, in this case. This is especially important to consider if someone else is using your SIP credentials (username and password) that are found after logging in at or if you're trying to register your FPL account with a smartphone SIP app (or FPL desktop app), with another device, or more than one ATA or IP Phone line, in this case. Registration is required for incoming calls. It is not required for outgoing calls (except if you want calls to continue past 15 minutes). Only one registration per FPL account is allowed at any time. A single line on an ATA or IP Phone is one registration. A SIP app is another.

That is, don't enable both Lines of your ATA (related to step 12a; that is, "Line enable" should not be set to "yes" for both ATA lines, unless you own two VoIP unlock keys) using the same FPL proxy server when using the exact same FPL account on both ATA lines.

13. If you can, try another power cord/supply for the ATA.

anyone has the same issue recently?
No; I'm not. I see incoming caller ID numbers from today (Dec. 1st and Nov. 29th).
Please do not send me emails; I do not work for nor represent Freephoneline or Fongo. Post questions on the forums so that others may learn from responses or assist you. Thank you. If you have an issue with your account or have a billing issue, submit a ticket here: Visit to check FPL/Fongo service status. Freephoneline setup guides can be found at
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