Phone not ringing continuously

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Phone not ringing continuously

Post by combo4ife »

Hey, so I have a voip free phone line setup using a linksys pap2t. And for some reason everytime my phone gets a call the ringtone keeps cutting on and off. It's not the actual ringtone for the phone since when I try changing it, it plays continuously.
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Re: Phone not ringing continuously

Post by Liptonbrisk »

You posted in the Fongo Home Phone forum originally, but you're not using Fongo Home Phone. I've moved your post to the Freephoneline forum.

Ringtone patterns and ringtone voltages are defined in the ATA. You didn't mention the brand and model phone that's attached to the ATA, which would be useful information if others try to help.

1. a) Dial ****
b) Then dial 110#
c) Enter the IP address you hear into a web browser.
d) Login to your ATA.
e) Always choose the admin login and advanced view menus (select "advanced" in the upper right).

2. Select the "Regional" tab, and scroll down to "Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec".

Your ring voltage and ring frequency need to be set to the specifications or limit of the handset(s) you're using. Refer to your phone's manual.

a) Typically ring frequency in Canada should be set to 20 Hz. Some suggest trying 25Hz with the PAP2.

b) Although Freephoneline's user portal suggests ring tone voltage is 90V, I would try 70V first. If that doesn't work, you can experiment in 5V increments up to 90V. I would not attempt to exceed 90V.

c) Set ring waveform to "Sinusoid" while testing.

3. Save settings.

4. Try an incoming call.

Also, if a cordless handset is being used, ensure the handset is close to the phone's base while testing. Sometimes signal interference and distance from the base can cause issues. Attempting to listen to ringtones from a wireless handset independently can't account for, or isn't a test for, this issue.
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