freephonrline folow me

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Gabriel Nadon
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freephonrline folow me

Post by Gabriel Nadon »


I have 5 SPA Linksys box with keys

my problem is the folow-me system accept only one on my cell-phone and i whant all 5 # at the same cell-phone

can you help me to modify or unlock follow-me aplication system please

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Re: freephonrline folow me

Post by Liptonbrisk »

This is a user-to-user support forum.

We can’t modify or unlock anything. ... ame-number ... -Follow-Me

“You cannot forward to a phone number that already is a destination for call forwarding by another number.”
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Re: freephonrline folow me

Post by Jake »

I believe they did this to stop people from setting up "call center" like systems.

However, depending on what you are using the numbers for, what you can try is daisy chaining the numbers, with the last one pointing at your cell.
So, #1 forwards to #2, which forwards to #3 ...... which forwards to your cell. This way, no matter which number gets called, it will eventually get forwarded to your cell. In theory.

At one point they stopped you from adding in FPL numbers as the forwarded to number, but it has also allowed you to add them in a some points. I have no idea what state it is currently.

Failing that, you would have to set all the numbers up on a PBX type system. Have you looked at Fongo Works? Maybe that system will work for you?
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