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Re: Freephoneline - $99.95* - things you need to know

PostPosted: 12/14/2020
by jonathanwang
My Linksys WRT54p2 doesn't work anymore.

Which device has the best price and easy to configure? Is this one good?

Re: Freephoneline - $99.95* - things you need to know

PostPosted: 12/15/2020
by Liptonbrisk
jonathanwang wrote: Is this one good?

No. Avoid fake PAP2s (they're discontinued, and the ones found on eBay or Kijiji are usually fakes as well): ... #p21479663
Pianoguy wrote:The PAP/SPA family of ATAs were an industry standard for many years until Linksys EOL'd them in 2012. Did you know that not only were Sipura and Obihai ATAs designed by the same engineers, those engineers also invented the ATA at Komodo technology 15+ years ago? OBi ATAs are really the latest versions of the PAP/SPA ATAs - granted, with more/better call routing features, better hardware, and better audio quality

So, the engineers that designed the PAP series left and eventually started designing Obihai ATAs. The SPA112/122 series are not the true successors.

If you don't need two phone ports, you might want to take a look at an Obihai OBi200 if you want something powerful: ... B07FCS1NGM (ensure that the seller is Amazon and not a third party seller)
or ... 6833617015 (ensure that the seller is Newegg and not a third party seller)

The two phone port version is the more expensive OBi202, but they're harder to find in Canada from an official retailer due to being sold out at the moment.
Alternatively, the OBi302, which doesn't support Google Voice, is located at

If you want something cheaper but less powerful, I would take a look at Grandstream ATAs since they can randomize local SIP and RTP ports, which is better for security and helps resolve corrupted NAT associations.