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Travelling to Europe with Linksys SPA3000

PostPosted: 04/29/2013
by JohnyBGood
I'm in Canada and would like to loan my mother my ATA for 10 weeks, so she can stay in touch while she's in Greece. I checked the AC adapter and it says 110-240V, so I`m assuming a simple flat to round adapter is all that is needed to get it to work. I verified that Greece also uses RJ11 phones, but I don't know if the voltage in the line will be any different. Should I be providing her w/ a phone, as well, or can she just use one from there? Are there any hiccups she may encounter w/ the ATA? How long will the user/pass info stay in the ATA after it's unplugged?

(Can anyone tell me what is going on w/ the merge? Are new SIP accounts no longer free? Is it free for grandfathered accounts?)


Re: Travelling to Europe with Linksys SPA3000

PostPosted: 04/29/2013
by lustucru
The voltage is 220 in Europe. So a local phone set is recommended.

Re: Travelling to Europe with Linksys SPA3000

PostPosted: 05/01/2013
by bridonca
A European phone should work fine with the ATA, but I might pack a phone anyway, just in case. The ring settings are slightly different, and might have an effect, but I doubt it. Most modern phones are pretty universal now. If you were a stickler, you could configure the ATA to be more "compatible" with European phone standards, but as I said, likely not necessary.

If the ATA power supply is able to accept 240V at 50 hz, which is very likely, all you need is a dongle to be plug compatible with a European power socket. It would not be hard just to get a power supply in Europe either. ATA power supplies are pretty common, not like it is a specialty item.

The biggest potential issue I can foresee is the quality of the internet connection. European ISP's are usually pretty good, but it is still a variable you have to consider.

If you register through, you can still pay $50 for SIP settings. You do not have that option with Fongo anymore. Just a monthly rate. You do not have access to SMS with freephoneline though.