Fongo android API?

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Fongo android API?

Post by jameskew »

Hey There,
Is there an API for us android developers to write apps that can access Fongo's features?

I have a yotaphone 2, which has a second EPD display, that shows standard system SMS and incoming calls, but it doesn't work with fongo, and I would like to correct that.

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Re: Fongo android API?

Post by alexkillby »

Would love to have an API available. Option to use other softphone clients on Android would be great, especially if SIP-Simple could also be attached to the SMS functionality. From what I understand of Fongo's business model, revenue primarily comes from paid calling features like SMS and calling credits and ads in the app. Similar to the way we can pay to have ads removed from app today, would be great to be able to pay a one-time-fee to access SIP directly/SIP Simple SMS.
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