Force unknown callers to enter a pin to ring the phone?

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Force unknown callers to enter a pin to ring the phone?

Postby consistency » 11/03/2018

I have my Obi200 set up to block all calls except those on my white list.

I occasionally sell used stuff on kijiji and would like to be able to give my FPL number with a pin for people to get through instead of automatically being forwarded to voicemail. Is this possible?
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Re: Force unknown callers to enter a pin to ring the phone?

Postby Liptonbrisk » 11/03/2018

Freephoneline does not offer what you want. It is intended as a basic home phone replacement service.
You could use a Fongo Mobile number if you use a smartphone with Wi-Fi or cellular data to give out as a number on Kijiji.

Obihai's Auto Attendant allows you to assign PINs to specific callers to allow them to place new calls using the service providers that you've provisioned on your ATA. However, that doesn't accomplish what you want either.

You could route all blacklisted numbers to another service provider, but you'd likely have to pay to accomplish what you want. For better ideas, you can try asking at and

Maybe there's a workaround that escapes me at the moment.
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Re: Force unknown callers to enter a pin to ring the phone?

Postby bridonca » 11/04/2018

Fongo Works might offer a solution in an indirect way. As most voice mail spam is automated, even something as simple as a call attendant would mess up most spam. You would have another phone number from Fongo Works, but I do not think that is a big deal as far as you are concerned.

It works like this. You advertise your Fongo Works number on Kijiji, You set up Fongo Works call attendant to direct a call to after they press a number, they can reach your number, and set up a recording directing the caller to you. It is certainly not security, but should be good enough you your purposes.
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