problem with a phone number

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problem with a phone number

Postby jamestang2016 » 06/28/2019

i had my phone for almost 2 years now. suddenly these 2 days, i can only call out, whenever people call my number, it will go to a stranger voicemail, it seems like somebody just ported my number, how can they have permission do port number or it's a mistake from rogers or bell
i dont know what to do
please help thanks
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Re: problem with a phone number

Postby Liptonbrisk » 06/28/2019

1. Check registration status after logging in at SIP status needs to show "connected." If SIP User Agent is anything that you don't recognize, you've been hacked.
Registration is required for incoming calls. It is not required for outgoing calls.

Also, if you can log in and see your SIP settings, including your SIP username, no one has ported out. Same is true if you can call out.

Note that only one registration per FPL account is allowed at any time. When there are multiple devices/softphones using the same account, only the most recent registration is valid. The previous device will lose registration. This is especially important to consider if someone else is using your SIP credentials (username and password) that are found after logging in at (or if you're trying to register your FPL account with a smartphone SIP app or with another device). Registration is required for incoming calls. It is not required for outgoing calls. If you simply want to make outgoing calls using your FPL number, configure, but don't register the account, on the SIP app being used, with Acrobits Groundwire, for example, on a smartphone (there is no way to do this with the Freephoneline desktop application; the Freephoneline desktop application doesn't offer to option to not register).

Also note that each time you reboot your ATA, IP Phone, or SIP app, it's attempting to register with Freephoneline again. If you attempt more than 10 registrations in 5 minutes (this is why the registration interval is important), you may end up being temporarily IP banned by the specific FPL server the ATA (and/or mobile app) was sending
registration requests to. If you're temporarily IP banned, you could then try switching ProxyServer to a different FPL server than the one you were previously using (,, or, unless you need to use because you have SIP ALG forced on in your router. The purpose of is to circumvent buggy SIP ALG features in routers. ... ca/22479/8
"As May 2013, our servers will rate limit REGISTER requests to a maximum of 10 requests per 5 minutes. Each authentication round usually consumes 2 requests (digest auth), so it is a fair number given our guidelines. Also, it does not affect INVITES (which are also authenticated)…

This rate limit is applied per IP address as our service is tailored to residential Canadian users (ADSL/Cable)." ... redentials
That's why the using the registration interval of 3600 seconds and failed retry timer of 120s are important--and why temporary IP bans are an important consideration when using mobile SIP applications with Freephoneline (consider losing internet connectivity in an a certain area and then regaining it; your mobile app may attempt to re-register)

2. Login at

Check for Follow Me numbers that you don't recognize. Incoming calls might be picked up by voicemail systems associated with one of the Follow Me numbers, provided Follow Me is enabled.

If your ATA, IP Phone, or SIP device is not registered, incoming calls should drop to FPL's voicemail system, provided Follow Me is not enabled.

3. Login at
Are there any calls you don't recognize?

4. Login at, and double check your voicemail settings, especially the rings before voicemail setting.
You should also double check your voicemail greeting: ... -voicemail.
A navigation guide can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=19184#p75227.

5. What brand and model ATA or IP Phone are you using? Please answer this question when you reply.

a) Check to see if call forwarding is enabled in the device along with a phone number that you don't recognize. If you see a phone number listed that you don't recognize, you've been hacked.
b) Ensure Do Not Disturb (DND) is not enabled.

6. What brand and model router are you using? Please answer this questions when you reply.
a) Don't port forward unless you have no other choice (security risk).
b) Don't use DMZ (huge security risk).

7. If you believe your Freephoneline account has been compromised, you can submit a ticket at
Select "My Account Inquiry" for the final issue type.
Please do not send me emails; I do not work for nor represent Freephoneline or Fongo. Post questions on the forums so that others may learn from responses or assist you. Thank you. If you have an issue with your account or have a billing issue, submit a ticket here: Visit to check FPL/Fongo service status. Freephoneline setup guides can be found at viewforum.php?f=15.
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