What Else is New in 1.3?

Important and exciting updates from Fongo!
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What Else is New in 1.3?

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Along with Visual Voicemail, we've added some other great new features in our Dell Voice 1.3 Release:

Easily Create and Share Contact Card with Friends!

Under "Settings" and then "Account", customers can tap on the display picture to create or edit their own contact card. Once the card is created, they can share it with their friends!
The screenshots below show how to create and share a Fongo contact card:


Set the Number of Rings before Voicemail…

Customers can now set the number of rings (as few as 1, as many as 12) before a call goes to their voicemail that suits them best.
Under "Settings" and then "Preferences", the screenshots below show how to set the number of rings.


We've added these two new features to make your Dell Voice experience even better!


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We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we do!
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Re: What Else is New in 1.3?

Post by Jake »

Is being able to choose the ringtone also new? I can't remeber seeing this before on my iPod.
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Re: What Else is New in 1.3?

Post by juser »

Setting VM rings in-app is great, but it would be even better if there was the call forwarding/simultaneous ring management as well.
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