Please implement SPAM filter

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Please implement SPAM filter

Postby Dead Ringer » 01/13/2022

A spam filter should be an easy feature for Fongo Home phone to add. I subscribe to another home phone service that has this feature: a caller needs to enter three random numbers to get through, and there is a white list where you can add your friends and family numbers to bypass this. And a black list too.

I bought a Fongo home line for my mother and so far it works great. If Fongo added a spam filter, and maybe a slightly better settings app, I would switch my line over in a minute (if they don't then I probably won't recommend it to others, and I may switch my mom over to my service, which only costs an extra $2 per month).

Please add comments to this message to show Fongo how much we want this
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Re: Please implement SPAM filter

Postby dave705 » 06/25/2022

Yes please do implement a spam filter.
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