Fongo and iPhone with Videotron wifi

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Fongo and iPhone with Videotron wifi

Post by Stu »

I'm trying to get my 86 year old Mom connected in Montreal with Fongo.
She is on an iPhone with Videotron service provider for wifi

We have been playing around with your trouble shooting setting 3 different settings (alternate Fongo connections, Allow IPv6 Connection. Alternate DNS Resolve) and found that the first two work in combinations occasionally or at irregular intervals.

Sometime when I call her, its does not ring on her end and nothing lights up on her iPhone, indicating she has a call, and then on my second attempt to call her, the ringer works on her end and her phone lights up. I have tried all the troubleshooting setting in Fongo with both a landline and with another Fongo phone line and the same issues continue to happen.

We have also had two of my mom's friends call her twice in a row with 20 seconds pauses between calls. Both attempts by her friends did not work on the first call, but both worked on the second call attempt.

Looking for a fix.... Thanks.
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