Don't test 911 calls!

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Don't test 911 calls!

Post by Liptonbrisk »

Fongo/Freephoneline loses a significant amount of money each time someone calls 911 (Northern 911).

Please (this is directed towards all readers and not anyone specifically) don't abuse Freephoneline or Fongo by making test 911 calls. Thank you

If you want to test whether outbound caller ID works, call the free 416 or 250 numbers listed at instead. Press # to end echo test. Then choose option 7 to hear your outbound CID (caller ID) number.

If you want to see whether n11 calling works (where n is digit from 2 to 9), trying calling 611 instead (you'll reach Fongo). If your dialplan supports 3 digit calling properly (including 911), then 911 should work as well. ... 1-911-etc-

Do not test 911 calls just to see if they work. You risk having your FPL account suspended or blocked. That's not an empty threat.

Lastly, login at, and ensure your information is up to date. If you move, you need to update the information that's listed. Thank you.
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